Flour 72%

 Our mills produce deluxe flour 72% extraction marketed under the trademark Al-Nada.

The 72% extraction deluxe flour is the product of Al-Nada flour mills & its products. It is one of the best kinds of flour currently available in the Egyptian market. On the other hand, the company succeeds to carve marketing niches in the African countries and is now exporting part of its production, with rapid foreign demand in accordance with our main goal and in harmony with the state policy of increasing the Egyptian exports.
We produce more than eleven types of flour for bread, bakes, pastries, pasta, sweets, biscuits, cakes and wafer. The production capacity one line of our mills amounts to about 150 tons/day, in preparation for any future expansion.
The delivery and distribution process are directly, carried, out from the mill to the wholesalers and retailers, bakeries and industrial companies.

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