About US
Al-Monairy Modern Crushers has been established in 1985 by Eng. Abdel El Kader Al-Monairy. It plays an effective role in the Egyptian Economy and this by manufacturing infra-structure principles. In fact it is considered as a pioneer Egyptian company in producing dolomite stones with all its measurements. It is located in Cairo / El Suez Road on Kilo 104.
We support our clients to whom we offer our services since 1985. Beside that we are concerned with trust worthiness and privacy for clients and socialites. We consider our clients also as properties that have a value for us. So we make all required measurements for reinforced concert, road, bricks, soil replacement and others available for them.If you want to have high quality service you will find the best in Al-Monairy. 
Al-Monairy Modern Crushers owns most of feeding equipment and trucks.The company owns loaders, bulldozers, cars and a fleet of heavy equipment, which helps to give greater productivity and ease capacity to work. 
A history of a large and diverse with the largest construction companies in Arab Republic of Egypt a big history in large-scale projects with major companies (Arab Contractors - Hassan Allam - Mokhtar Ibrahim - Orascom - Bin Laden) 
Production of Al-Monairy Modern Crushers enjoys the confidence of consultants on the analysis results from different laboratories and conformity to standard specifications and international developments.
The modernized Al-Monairy department is the one which is built on a group spirit. It performs all its processes with accuracy so clients can depend on all its services and all its high quality materials. It covers all clients' requirements all over Egypt since it produces and offers dolomite stones with a very high quality to all over the republic.
Each employee in Al-Monairy Company is concerned with the requirements of the clients.


Our Mission

It is the mission of Al-Monairy Modern Crushers to finding the best quarries (quality & Cost) and working reliable and high efficient equipment. We hiring high quality people and applying training. We aim to reduction the cost of raw materials and any purchased item. Al-Monairy Modern Crushers using implementing modern IT and administration technology. We have reliable and high efficient quality control tools and systems.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the biggest company in Egypt to produce aggregate, concrete, asphalt, etc ……, and to process other types of quarry to produce other industrial materials.