About Us

Al Monairy companies group has been established since 1985. It started with "Al Monairy Modern Crushers" as the first company in the group. Then it was followed by their sister company "petroland 2000" in 1990. "Al Nada Flour Mills" joined the group in 1998. Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Abdelkader managed the group after the death of Eng. Mohamed Abdelkader in 2001. He established then "Al Monairy Trade" in 2003. After joining the world development; he established "Al Monairy for Corn Products" to be able to join internationally. There are main products that are needed now. The base of this development; is following the international quality standard. So the company has signed a contract with the Industry Modernization Center to obtain the quality certifications (ISO9001/2000) and HACCAP, and actually we got the quality certificates in May 2007. We have constantly changed and updated our products offering to make sure that we are in touch with what you need.

Vision & Mission

Al Monairy's Vision, Mission, Strategy, Goals and Values are the foundation of our company. They serve as the roadmap for our accomplishments and the benchmark by which we measure our performance each year.
As a group, we are committed to driving strategic growth, improving productivity and providing our customers with Mission Systems Integration, Mission Support and Mission Assurance for each and every product and service we offer.